A Decisive Innovation!

GTS 12 – The steel innovation from Alfred Giesser.
Developed in scientific cooperation with Ruhr University Bochum.

The Steel that Defies the Elements

The higher the electrical breakdown potential of a steel, the greater its corrosion resistance.GTS 12 has considerably enhanced physical properties. And its breakdown potential is also far above that of conventional steels. This results in significantly greater corrosion resistance.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion picture after 19-hour salt spray test


Hardness is a Science in and of Itself 

In close collaboration with the scientists at the Ruhr University Bochum, the alloy composition has been successfully optimised. The addition of nitrogen (N) makes it possible. As a result, GTS 12 is harder than all comparable stainless steels.

Hardness comparison in Rockwell (HRc)

Hard Times for PM Steel

Up until now, PM steel was the benchmark when it came to corrosion resistance, hardness and toughness. PM steel is often excluded from consideration for many applications due to its high material costs. GTS 12 offers benefits and properties similar to those of PM steel. And it’s available at a small fraction of the cost!

Price comparison

1 Standard steel for
   food processing

2 Giesser special material (since 1990)
   with very good corrosion resistance

3 New development from Giesser with
   clearly improved properties

GTS 12 – This Steel is the Hard One

Abrasion, wear, rust, aggressive cleaning agents – steel has many enemies! GTS 12 offers all of the properties necessary to provide effective resistance against them. That makes it the ideal material in the particularly critical environments of the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in machinery construction.

Maschinery components


Knives for the packaging industry


Knives for the food industry