Designing knives with Giesser Engineering: Listen - Advise - Realise

Every sector and every company that is served by Alfred Giesser does have individual demands for their cutting processes. Giesser Engineering has set itself the target to always meet these specific requirements in an optimal way.

The first step is to analyse the task and the production processes. The experienced specialists at Alfred Giesser will ask the right questions and will listen carefully to the conversations. Working closely together with the customer, a project-related offer will be evaluated.

The cutting solutions are being custom designed and a matching material, will be specifically chosen, regarding the relevant hardness, the cutting geometry, the coating and the surface finishing. Frequently, the respective machine will be developed at the same time.

Best quality is guaranteed because of the in-house production with very modern machinery. The whole process incorporates not only the installation and on-site testing, but also the maintenance of the tools. The goal is an efficient cutting process – and a maximum of benefit for the customers.