Designing machines with Giesser Engineering: Sharp-edged knives all the time in running production

A common task is to be able to sharpen knives while the production is running.

The Giesser Engineering solution: The construction of special knife grinding machines.

Knife grinding machine GM2 – to sharpen a circular knife constantly:

  • Resharpen circular knifes – without disassembling – at running production
  • All blades get sharpened in one cycle at the same time
  • Mounting it to the machine is quick and unproblematic
  • No special knowledge is needed for the operating personnel
  • Usable with single or two sided phases

Knife grinding machine GRA2000 – no manufacturing errors because of resharpening

  • Resharpening of up to 150 knives per hour
  • Fully-automated execution of the grinding process
  • Simultaneous, symmetrical grinding of both blades in one cycle
  • Quick and unproblematic adjustability
  • Flexible adjustment of blade angles is possible
  • No special knowledge is needed fort he operating personnel