The perfect cutting solution

Industrial knives for food processing industries

Quality and visual appearance become increasingly important as purchasing criteria for groceries. Exercising maximum care in fabrication is the precondition for efficient food processing and packaging and for its effective sales presentation.


Accuracy and Care are also two of the key criteria for the production of Alfred Giesser industrial knives. As well as quality and flexibility – since the required knife can be delivered for every branch of production within the food industry, may it be meat, fish, vegetables, confectionaries, bread, kebab or cheese and dairy products.

The experts at Alfred Giesser will get completely accustomed to the production process and the engaged machinery from their customers in the food industry to be able to offer the optimal solution.

Giesser Engineering can provide intensive consultation, expertise and the development of an industrial cutting solution that will integrate itself perfectly into the production process:

Knife with teeth

Bread knife

Bread knife

Circular knife

Cutting of vegetables

Cheese knife

Döner knife

Curved knife

Special knife

Special knife