Unique in their diversity

The perfect cutting solution for all industries

Giesser’s customers are active in a whole range of industries with highly diverse applications. Their growing demands form the basis and benchmark for development at the company – whether it is in circular knives, punching knives, squeezing knives or special knives.

Food industries

Exercising maximum care in fabrication is the precondition for efficient food processing and packaging and for its effective sales presentation.

All types of knifes

Textile industries

Diversity and infinite possibilities regarding the finish, the colour and the shape characterise the textile industry’s product range.

All types of knives

Plastic industries

Plastic is the basic material for developing innovative products and solutions for important industrial sectors like vehicle manufacturing, machine manufacturing, packaging industries, electro-technics and construction industries.

All types of knives

Packing industries

Nowadays the quality of the packaging is just as important as the quality of the product itself. It is a crucial element to the customers buying decision when it comes to consumer goods.

All types of knives

Paper industries

Whether printed products of any kind, filling materials or packaging – paper is a basic material which stands for great versatility: Paper and cardboard products are omnipresent and have become indispensable for the daily life.

All types of knives

Rubber industries

Increasingly, developing mobility is becoming tied to the use of new technology, focusing on the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of emissions.

All types of knives

Glass industries

One of the most versatile materials being incorporated into many areas of living is glass. Made by man thousands of years ago, it’s still in use today and is able to constantly recover new applications.

All types of knives

Leather industries

Leather once served as clothing for our ancestors. Today, the biggest part is being used by the automotive and the furniture industries.

All kind of types

Tobacco industries

Tobacco is a cultural asset with a long tradition and is part of the European history for more than 400 years now.

All types of knives

Medical industries

Medical products have to fulfil high standards. They have to be reliable, perfectly hygienic and user friendly. Strict legal regulations demand for consistent top quality.

All types of knives