Alfred Giesser industrial knives for leather industries

Leather once served as clothing for our ancestors. Today, the biggest part is being used by the automotive and the furniture industries.

Extensive experience is of great importance in the leather industry, taken alone that there are 13 different – partly very complex - steps to bring the raw material into the condition for further processing. To be able to get good results, this processing requires a lot of special knowledge.

The production of industrial knives made for processing and cutting leather similarly requires a big amount of special knowledge. Alfred Giesser does have this special knowledge available for decades.

The experts at Alfred Giesser will get completely accustomed to the production process and to the engaged machinery from their customers in the leather industry. Giesser Engineering can provide intensive consultation, expertise and the development of an industrial cutting solution manufactured from various materials that will integrate itself perfectly into the production process.

Splitting knife

Special knife