Alfred Giesser industrial knives for paper industries

Whether printed products of any kind, filling materials or packaging – paper is a basic material which stands for great versatility: Paper and cardboard products are omnipresent and have become indispensable for the daily life.


Being produced mainly from the renewable resource wood environmental compatibility and sustainability are important and positive features.

Sustainability by design and quality is also one of the features of Alfred Giesser industrial knives. Manufactured from various materials they provide for smooth production processes like perforation, cutting and post-press processing.

The experts at Alfred Giesser will get completely accustomed to the production process and to the engaged machinery from their customers in the paper processing industry to be able to offer the optimal solution. Giesser Engineering can provide intensive consultation, expertise and the development of an industrial cutting solution that will integrate itself perfectly into the production process.


industrial knives for paper industries





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