Alfred Giesser industrial knives for textile industries

Diversity and infinite possibilities regarding the finish, the colour and the shape characterise the textile industry’s product range. This is caused by a large number of materials coming from various origins.

Nature and chemistry are delivering the resources, that will become yarn and fabric. On top of that are processing methods, e.g. fulling with its versatile end product felt.

The common element: Cutting processes play an integral role in the manufacturing and the processing of the various raw materials and the textiles themselves. These are being accompanied by Alfred Giesser high-qualitative industrial knives.

The experts at Alfred Giesser will get completely accustomed to the materials, to the production process and to the engaged machinery from their customers in the textile industry to be able to offer the optimal solution.  Giesser Engineering can provide intensive consultation, expertise and the development of an industrial cutting solution manufactured from various materials, that will integrate itself perfectly into the production process.

Circle knife

Special knife