Alfred Giesser industrial knives for tobacco industries

Tobacco is a cultural asset with a long tradition and is part of the European history for more than 400 years now. The cultivation of tobacco and the methods for its processing have been improved and enhanced over this period of time.

Nowadays, processing the raw material and manufacturing the products is being supported by modern technology. Still, what it mostly takes to get a good flavour and a nice blend for tobacco products is experience.

Alfred Giesser’s industrial knives for the tobacco industry are designed and produced with experience that is based upon a company with centuries of tradition. Being manufactured not only from various materials but also in top quality, they provide optimal support when processing raw tobacco and when fabricating cigars and will deliver the best results.

The experts at Alfred Giesser will get completely accustomed to the production process and to the engaged machinery from their customers in the tobacco processing industry to be able to offer the optimal solution. Giesser Engineering can provide intensive consultation, expertise and the development of an industrial cutting solution that will integrate itself perfectly into the production process.

Circular knife

Roll knife

Maschine knife

Maschine knife

Maschine knife