Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik – A Tradition Of Top Quality

The Giesser family started as early as 1776 with crafting knives - but for manual use. This traditional family business has developed into the Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH, a seminal high-tech company predominantly manufacturing high-class knives for industrial cutting applications today.

Experience, openness and the willingness for innovation enable the fabrication of outstanding products. The Industrial knives manufactured by Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik out of Birkmannsweiler in Baden-Württemberg enjoy a worldwide reputation. This reputation is not solely built on the age-long tradition of the company and the surpassing quality. It most notably relies on the unique ability to offer elaborated comprehensive solutions. Within Alfred Giesser, Giesser Engineering is designing and manufacturing industrial knives that will precisely adapt to the conditions at the respective company in one of the numerous sectors. But consultation and services like on-demand development of machine parts and their production with the internal machinery are also provided. Quality paired with efficiency is the highest goal – because only efficient products enable a smooth production process.

A TRADITION OF EFFICIENY – Made in Baden-Württemberg.

"A distinctive demand for quality, the exact knowledge of our customers needs, loyalty, reliability and openness regarding new things: These are our fundamentals – since 1776 they provide for continuity in a changing world."
Ulrich Giesser