Our Vision

GIESSER will always be a byword for superior technology
and quality
when it comes to innovative cutting solutions and
wear-resistant yet ultra-precise machine components.

Whenever a customer anywhere in the world entrusts us with a
task within our sphere of expertise, we take on the challenge and
develop outstanding solutions.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Values

GIESSER is a successful family company
and intends to remain that way.

We are committed to our region and safeguard jobs there
through our high level of in-house manufacturing.

We take a responsible and environmentally conscious
to the resources we use, ensuring safe, healthy
working conditions
for our employees. 

We are well aware of our social responsibility and
adhere to all rules and guidelines.

Our Customers

Our activities revolve around the needs and
of our customers.

Our approach to partnership sets the
highest score by providing professional advice
in solving problems and ensuring the highest quality
in manufacturing products.

The high loyalty of our customers can be
attributed to our reliability and to the
durability and precision of our products.

Our Employees

We are an attractive employer

We encourage our employees in order to bring out
the very best in them. 

We challenge them to keep our customers satisfied at all times.
Mutual appreciation and high employee satisfaction
is what makes us successful.

Our Products

We offer innovative products,
services and solutions at the highest
technological level

With specialised materials and expert employees,
we produce solutions that raise the bar
for the rest of the industry.

Our Suppliers

Our working relationship with our suppliers is based on fairness
and mutual trust
. They are integrated in our quality targets.
We believe in long-standing working relationships
driven by a spirit of partnership.

Our Independence

We safeguard our growth, our earnings potential,
our liquidity and our investment capacity by systematically
applying commercial parameters

This allows us to remain financially independent.


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